About Holmes County Historical Society

The Holmes County Historical Society is a countywide 501C3, non profit organization dedicated to preserving, collecting and archiving the rich Holmes County history for future generations. The society's base of operation is the Historical Society campus  located at 484 Wooster Rd. in Historic Millersburg, Ohio. The museum serves a dual function of exhibiting the county's historical collection and special exhibits as well as a showcase of Victorian living with self guided tours provided. Below is the society's missions statement.

Mission Statement of the Holmes County Historical Society (HCHS)

The Holmes County Historical Society exists to promote historical studies and experiences pertaining to Holmes County through discovery, collection, preservation, and presentation.

Code of Ethics

The Holmes County Historical Society, its trustees, staff, and volunteers subscribe to a credo that calls for responsible performance both professionally and ethically for all involved. People associated with the society accept their involvement with the full understanding that they or their activities are never totally independent of the Society and that Society-related actions by its associates reflect on the Society.

Holmes County Historical
Society Values


with their teamwork by acting with foresight in their fiscal responsibility, collections and history, and documentation.


through research, imparting accurate documentation and information.


Our vision is to become a preeminent historical society, which the Holmes County community can trust to be its center of historical resources.


Respect and the careful, thoughtful use of all resources-time, talent, money, artifacts, property and possessions.


Our greatest asset, our precious resource to expand and enrich the people who come together for the common good.

Volunteer with us

The Holmes County Historical Society from time to time will have opportunities that greatly benefit the organization and its goals. Many of these opportunities require dedicated people who wish to contribute to the endeavors at hand. Are you interested in some of these opportunities?

You can Volunteer or become a Member:

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Support Our Cause Financially

Consider making a difference by contributing to the Holmes County Historical Society. Your Annual Giving contributions either directly or thru the Holmes Co. Heritage Partnership help support the annual operating costs of the Historical Society. A portion of the funds will be set aside to ensure the continued preservation of the story of our lives, the lives of those we followed and of those who follow us.  Contributions are tax deductible. Holmes County Historical Society, Inc., is a 501-C-3 corporation. You can click on the donate button below or if you choose you may send your donation check to:

The Holmes County Historical Society
PO Box 126
Millersburg, OH 44654


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Click the link below to become a member of the Holmes County Historical Society. Details regarding member benefits and catagories can be found at the member form page. All donations above $50.00 include a free one year family membership. Please  fill out the donation form and your membership information will automatically be generated from your donation record. 

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